2021 Year Review | Nyla Pirani

Memory Lane

Lesson #1: Focus on What’s Worth the Struggle

In January I was a marketing intern at Spira working on product development and customer discovery. I launched a 6-week marketing campaign, helped prep for a crowdfunding campaign, learned about social media/email marketing, learnt about what investors are looking for, sent out newsletters to 5K+ people and worked on the operations of product development and sales. My time with Amanda (the director of business development @ Spira and the person I worked very closely with) and the rest of the Spira team was short and sweet. It was packed with knowledge and excitement for the future.

  1. The broadness of that statement means it can be done in so many ways. I was fixated on one impact method and assumed it was the only one I could follow.
  2. I wasn’t going to enjoy 100% of the process. I always put impact and happiness at the same level, so whenever I got unhappy I would switch my project.

Lesson #2: Everything is Connected

By March I had learned an immense amount about 3 world problems. The first was the water crisis. The second was open defecation. The third was malnutrition.

Lesson #3: Teaching Makes You Smarter

From January — June I was the Associate Director of TKS Foundations program. Among many other operations and logistics tasks, this job pretty much entailed teaching young kids about the future of technology and science and helping them create their best selves.

Lesson #4: Your Environment Creates You

For the first half of 2021, I was doing online school and mainly surrounded myself with family, colleges and the people I had met through TKS.

Looking Into The Future | 2022 Plans

Travelling + Living Abroad ✈️



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