Understanding USAs Systemic Racism

Racism is a global problem that has been affecting the Black community for far too long. Even though you sometimes can’t see it in such developed western society, it’s always been there.

With the recent “Black Lives Matter” protests blowing up all over the world people have been paying much more attention to racism and demanding action. But, it’s not enough.

Systemic Racism

Racism is a lot deeper than people think. It has infected the entire structure of society. In the school system where black students are 3x more likely to be suspended for the same infraction. In the justice system where…

Becoming Self Reliant

In 2018 my life changed forever. And that is because of people.

As I started grade 8 in 2018 September, I also joined the most life-changing program for young people (The Knowledge Society). In one sentence, TKS is a program for high school students that teaches the skills, mindsets and networks needed to create the future. But it’s so much more than just that.

It’s a lifestyle and a second family.

The community was one of the best aspects of this program. It was an environment like no other. …

Why we can send people to space but can’t develop a cheap pad for women to use.

Sanitary pads remain a ‘luxury item’ for 800M+ women in India. This not only means that they don’t have access to proper sanitation and menstrual products but that they need to use alternatives such as old cloth, rags, hay, sand or ash.

This is extremely uncomfortable, causes painful infections, prevents women from working to support their families, going to school to get educated and way more. This is simply a horrible thing to have to deal with.

When I first heard about this problem, it seemed so stupid. …

Improving Global Access to Vaccines

Think back to your childhood. Running around the playground until sunset. Sledding down the snowy park hills (Canadian winters weren’t all bad, I promise).

When I think about my childhood, the only thing I truly remember is happiness, and in my opinion, every child deserves to have that memory. But sadly, that isn’t reality.

1 in 27 children die before the age of 5. Read that again. That’s insane. I think about how happy my childhood was, but 1 in 27 children under 5 won’t even get to experience a childhood.

I couldn’t wrap my head around this. I couldn’t…

Solving the global water contamination crisis

Every year approximately 3.5M+ people die from water-related diseases that are completely preventable. This is equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every hour.

A few months ago when I heard that number, I was speechless. What really got to me was that around 2.2M of those people are children!

You and I have probably never had to worry about death simply from drinking water, but millions of children around the world are terrified of this.

We can all agree that access to clean water is an essential human right and it didn’t make sense to me that these millions of…

Last week I started reading this book called Sophie’s World. It’s the story of a 12-year-old girl who discovers the world of philosophy.

Now I just started reading it and I’m not the fastest reader out there, but an interesting point was brought up throughout the second chapter.

“To children, the world and everything in it is new, something that gives rise to astonishment. It is not like that for adults. Most adults accept the world as a matter of course. This is precisely where philosophers are a notable exception.”

I’ve read over that quote about 20 times now and…

Why I disagree with “I think, therefore I am”

Over 3 centuries ago, there was a french man who wanted to prove existence. He wanted to remove the possibility of skepticism towards science and create all the foundations for it.

At first thought, it sounds insane. But back in the 16th century, it seemed pretty realistic to them.

In the end, he claimed to have proved existence. He essentially said that the world is so constructed that man is capable of knowing about it, that man and the world are made for each other by god but that man isn’t part of nature which is a different area of…

Our generation is filled with people who care about so many different problems in the world. People that are passionate, curious, driven, ambitious and eager to help.

I’m surrounded by people solving problems, people who are in training to solve those problems in the future and people just starting their journey.

boss ladies in TKS @ Facebook office😎

That is my life and my incredible community.

What I’ve realized from being around these people 25/8 and watching them go from training to real-world solving problems is that there are key things about all of them.

#1 FIO (Figure It Out) 🧠

The first thing they all have in common is a #FIO (figure…

What is my purpose in life? How do I find it?

A lot of people go through life trying to figure out the answers to these questions. Some people believe religion gives them purpose and value, but others believe there is no purpose in life.

In other words, some people believe in Nihilism. Nihilism is essentially the rejection of all religious and moral principles. It’s the belief that life is meaningless.

This philosophy is usually associated with a german philosopher named Friedrich Nietzsche.

the man himself 🤓

People who disagree with Nihilism are commonly people who are religious because their religion gives them purpose…

Lifehacks for people who want to change the world 🌎

I am in training to solve the world's biggest problems and impact billions of people. I’m on the most incredible journey where I get to do crazy things, meet amazing people and train to change the world.

It all started in late 2018 when I joined The Knowledge Society (TKS) and since then I have grown an insane amount.

If you saw me in early 2018, you would never have thought I would be someone working on impacting a billion people. You never would have thought I would detect cancer with AI, work on extending our health/life span, create moonshot…

Nyla Pirani

A curious 15 y/o solving world problems | nylapirani.com | tks.world 🌍

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