• Faith Inello

    Faith Inello

    Innovator at The Knowledge Society. My ambition in life is to mitigate the symptoms of neurological conditions through research in exponential technologies!

  • Christina Vadivelu

    Christina Vadivelu

    On a path to impact billions. Yeah, billions.

  • Rania Hashim

    Rania Hashim

    14 y/o pleasing her future self.

  • Tawsif Kamal

    Tawsif Kamal

    A 17 y/o Reinforcement Learning enthusiast looking to leverage tech towards driving social change πŸ€–

  • Rohan Taneja

    Rohan Taneja

    17 β€’ CS + business at UC Berkeley M.E.T. β€’ Flutter developer

  • Nks


  • Dev Patel

    Dev Patel

    ML X SynthBio | Looking to learn, grow and build the ideas of the future into reality. | 15y/o

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