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  • Satvik Agnihotri

    Satvik Agnihotri

    17 years old. Always looking to learn and grow :)

  • Aleem Rehmtulla

    Aleem Rehmtulla

    Blockchain and AI developer

  • Kevin Zhu

    Kevin Zhu

  • Tawsif Kamal

    Tawsif Kamal

    A 19 y/o Reinforcement Learning enthusiast looking to leverage tech towards driving social change 🤖

  • Christina Vadivelu

    Christina Vadivelu

    On a path to impact billions. Yeah, billions.

  • Anna Nolan

    Anna Nolan

    Longtime science journalist with a keen interest in sharing the relevance of scientific research and methods

  • Adara Hagman

    Adara Hagman

    Circular Systems 🌎♻

  • Ramy Zhang

    Ramy Zhang

    19, learner

  • Michael Trịnh

    Michael Trịnh

    Undergraduate builder & researcher @UofT in the crossroads of bioinformatics, immunology, and genome engineering.

  • Liam Hinzman

    Liam Hinzman

    17 y/o Machine Learning Practitioner. Developer at Inate AI

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