Is nihilism a default state if religion isn’t in the picture?

the man himself 🤓

🏫Education Systems

For the last few centuries, we have spent our time going through a system we call school.

🧠Idoo Landau

Idoo Landu is another philosopher and he changed my views on a few different things. But he also contributed to why I don’t believe Nihilism would be a default state if we didn’t have religion.

It’s possible to live a meaningful life, in an imperfect world.

To have meaning in our life means to have a life with a good amount of value added to yourself and/or others. Even if we have imperfect lives, there is still a sufficient amount of value to add. Meaning, for most of us, it is possible to live a meaningful life in an imperfect world.

Optimizing for happiness

We are essentially nothing in this world. We are so small compared to the potential of existence. One day we're here, we live a life, and then were gone. But right now that cycle doesn’t impact every living thing in the entire world. It impacts a very small percentage of things.

Having life meaning improves mental and physical health

This study was done about the correlation between mental health, physical health and cognitive function and understanding your life's purpose/meaning.



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